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G’day!   I’m Michelle Hutchison…

I’m a teacher who specialises in Literacy and Dyslexia.  I’m grateful to be one of Australia’s most popular presenters in the field of education.  I think this is because I am engaging and real, not just expert in my field!  On a good day people learn and laugh with me!


Lecturing and researching at The University of Melbourne was when I was able to combine academic knowledge with my practical experience as a teacher. People say I have a unique ability to interpret research into simple, easy-to-follow guidelines for busy teachers.  I should do – after all, I have been a teacher most of my life!


Classroom teaching is rewarding ~ and demanding!  I am passionate about helping teachers make their teaching more effective and their lives easier. I do this through sharing sensible, practical teaching strategies and resources.


I also strive to improve the lives of people with learning difficulties.  It’s natural that I have a heart for this as I myself am dyslexic.  I have written two books: The SMART Spelling Manual (2015) and the newly released SMART Literacy Restaurant (2017).  Not bad for a dyslexic!


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SMART Spelling

 Teachers love it because it is sensible and schools love it because it is systematic.

Would you like a sensible way to teach spelling?

The Australian Dyslexia Course

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