I'm Michelle Hutchison...

I’m the teacher – who teaches the teachers!

The best teachers are lifelong learners.  I work with excellent teachers and turbo-charge them to be exceptional teachers!  I am a literacy specialist.  That means reading, writing and spelling.



When teachers really ‘nail’ the basics of literacy, such as spelling, it allows students to use and apply these essential skills to get on with learning, thinking and communicating confidently!


I’m grateful to be one of Australia’s most popular presenters in the field of education.  I think this is because I am engaging and real, not just expert in my field.  On a good day people learn and laugh with me!


Lecturing and researching at The University of Melbourne was when I was able to combine academic knowledge with my practical experience as a teacher. People say I have a unique ability to interpret research into simple, easy-to-follow guidelines for busy teachers.  I should do – after all, I have been a teacher most of my life!


I also strive to improve the lives of people with learning difficulties.  It’s natural that I have a heart for this because I’m actually dyslexic.  I have written two books: The SMART Spelling Manual (2015) and the newly released SMART Literacy Restaurant (2017).  Not bad for a dyslexic!

What real teachers say about SMART Spelling.