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Your whole staff can enjoy an engaging and useful day with me.  I put a lot of thought into how to explain complex theories and research in a clear and accessible way.   I give plenty of relevant classroom examples ~  remember that I have been a classroom teacher too!  You will learn an abundance of practical strategies that will make so much sense to you and your students!


$4,000 + GST (Melbourne Metro). Includes comprehensive printed booklets for each participant.  Contact my office for travel costs for regional, rural, interstate and overseas.

In 2017 you can choose from the following courses that I present:

SMART Spelling 1 day Course

A whole school approach has many benefits. Let your staff enthuse and support each other on this journey implementing SMART spelling which is a systematic and sensible. More…

The 5 Pillars of Reading Instruction

This whole day course unpacks the scientific evidence for teaching reading: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency and Comprehension.

Dyslexia: Core Skills for All Staff

This whole day course is supportive of all staff including primary and secondary teachers, special education teachers and integration aides. More…

Whats Michelle's availability like?

I am very blessed to be in great demand, so yes, I am heavily booked…but you are important to me…so please contact Freddy in my office and he will let you know when I am available!

Can we have visitors from other schools when we book Michelle?

Sure…if you’d like to.  If you invite visitors from another school,  there will be an extra charge. Each visitor is charged an amount that includes an allowance for the host school towards catering and contribution to the overall cost of the course.  Some smaller schools find this a good way to off-set the cost of the course.

Can we book Michelle for half a day?

I can’t usually do half days as demand for whole days is too great.

What about an after school session?

These are like hen’s teeth!  I present in a school or conference pretty much every day. This means that getting to your school at a reasonable hour is nearly impossible. I have been working hard behind the scenes to develop some videos and digital material to meet this need.

Can we video Michelle?

No, sorry.  It would take me too long to get my hair and make up done!

How do I book Michelle to come to my school?

Bookings are made in writing via email only, never over the phone.  We are happy to pencil in dates whilst your school makes a decision, please just let us know.  Once a date has been set you will receive a written confirmation.