Have a look inside the book!

The SMART Spelling Manual

The SMART Spelling manual is a 264 coil-bound resource for teachers that contains:

  • Yearly scope and sequence from Prep – Year 6
  • Week-by-week spelling lists – with the words broken up for you!
  • Detailed background on syllables, sounds and letters
  • The 4 SMART Spelling Rules
  • Plural Rules
  • An easy model of differentiation
  • Spelling activities

Have a look inside the book!

The SMART Literacy Restaurant Book

The SMART Literacy Restaurant is an approach to literacy support. The teaching strategies used are explicit and multi sensory.  It is not a program, but a menu of suggested teaching activities.  It provides students and staff with a predictable structure of Entrée, Main and Dessert.

Within this structure, there is a menu of teaching strategies based on evidence. Teachers select from the menu of teaching strategies to meet the needs of the students that they are supporting. 

  • Entrée:  42 pages of phonological awareness and 19 pages of vocabulary teaching activities.
  • Main: SMART Spelling including checklists of important spelling patterns to teach.
  • Dessert: 17 teaching strategies for reading (7 for decoding, 4 for fluency and 6 for comprehension).
  • The innovative menu is a quick and easy way to plan and record the sessions.

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